Friday, January 18, 2013

TS & RocMo- The Oath

This is the first video from the joint EP "Kaotic" with me and Rocmo (@rocmo_) thats going to be dropping in March shot by Durty Filmz. We shot this in downtown Houston a couple of months ago. In the mean time go and download that RocMo (@rocmo_) "I Think Its Time I Be Heard" Be on the look out for that KAOTIC dropping this March.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

*****HAPPY NEW YEAR***** TS & DJ J Butta 4-on-4 Basketball Tournament/Concert (4thWard)

Me and brother DJ J Butta collaborated on a 4-on-4 Basketball Tournament/Concert in our hood 4thWard. S/O to Rockin Rob, RobinSt. Skillet, and RocMo for coming through and performing. Thank you to everybody who came out to support Team8081.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blunt-N-Rose (from the KAOTIC EP)- TS & RocMo

First of all shout out to everybody who been support the #Team the love that we get keep us motivated. People been coming up to me asking whats going on I been telling them we focused on this Kaotic EP its like 90% done, we got two videos already shot for it and another one scheduled so we been on the grind getting ready to hit the rode. Also we been getting Paper Route ready to get released its about 60% done so be on the look out for that. Its gone be on here free to download pretty soon. We been doing alot of features all over Texas. Anybody who need a feature hit the team up at Bluntz-N-Rose is one of the first songs off of the Kaotic EP we already shoot the video for it much love to everybody who came thru. Here is a couple of Behind The Scene video from the video shoot.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4thWard Ka$h- What Would You Do/Bella Donna

I need everybody to checkout my homie 4thWard Ka$h "What Would You Do/Bella Donna" this go hard. Keep doing your thang homie.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tribute 2 Houston (Purple Swag)

Alot of people in Houston got upset at A.S.A.P. Rocky and his camp for adapting that H-Town swag with the track "Purple Swag."  He's not the first one to adapt our style. Everyone from Drake, The Diplomats, Beanie Sigal, and Jay-Z have borrowed that Houston flavor. In a way it makes me proud to know that people recognize that we created a whole genre of music. With that said my team took the Purple Swag track and really paid tribute to the forefathers of Houston Rap. We wanted to do something that really brought back that Southside, Grey Tape, DJ Screw feel. So we took "Purple Swag" dropped some FAT PAT (R.I.P FAT PAT) & Lil Keke samples and mixed in the legendary June 27th instrumental in there. Everybody that heard the trax say it take them back to that DJ Screw Grey Tape Era. This trax is our way to pay tribute, in a small way, to all those rappers who paved the way and inspired a whole generation.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Young Mizzo aka Rocmo of Rocmovement Musik

Anyone who been listen to our music, or been to one of our shows, or been watching our movement has heard of Young Mizzo aka Rocmo from Rocmovement Musik. Mizzo is one of Houston's up and coming producers/rappers with a string of hood hits from Presidential, Nature, Construction, and others. His production is heavily sought after. Mizzo grew up in the streets of 4thward where he homed his production skills and has become one of Houston's next breed of stars. Not only is his production on point but he is a beast in the booth. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look Back @ 2011

Last year was an interesting year for Team 8081, we got alot accomplished. We excelled in some areas and didn't in others. First we would like to thank everyone for there support, for downloading our music and taking the time comment on the website. Here are some of the things we did in 2011:

  • 22,000 Widget hits
  • 19,000 Website hits
  • 15,000 Song plays
  • 4,700 New Fans
  • 1,800 Video views
  • 25+ Show in five months
  • Spins on 2 radio stations
  • 1 Album Review

What we didn't do right:
  • Paper Route EP was delayed
  • We didn't get any videos done
  • We didn't promote enough in Houston
  • We didn't get out on the road and promote hard enough
  • We fucked with a couple of janky promoters that we shouldn't have
  • We were unprepared in a couple of situations

Team8081 is proud of what we accomplished this year and we know we have a lot of work to do. 2011 was a good start now we just have to build on it, grow our team, and pump out more music. So this year you will definatley see th Paper Route EP and Kaotic (TS & Young Mizzo). We gone get out on the road and do what we do best.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roctober Madness (31Days and 30 Nights)

 Look Like- T-Slim & Young Mizzo

S/O to everybody over there in Roc Movement Musik (@RMMUSIK) (T.O. Texas Offenders, Fishscale, Rock da Undadawg, etc.). Excuse me if I missed anybody. Them boyz did they 31 Days and 30 Nights of strait recording came out with a CD that really go hard. Included in Roctober is a track called "Look Like" featuring T-Slim and Young Mizzo. Anybody who want to cop that Roctober get at Roc Movement Musik (@RMMUSIK) , Fishscale (@Fishscale_yola), Rock Da Undadawg (@RockDaUndadog), or Trendsetta (@tidwell37) on twitter.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Bottom- 4thWard KA$H

Anybody who checked out #HipHopOnTheBayou seen my nigga 4thward KA$H do his thang on there with "The Bottom", "Who Gone Stop Me", and "ATW". Here is the official video for "The Bottom" shot in 4th Ward a couple of weeks ago. KA$H will be featured on #HipHopOnTheBayou2 the Mixtape hosted by DJ J Butta and on T-Slim's Paper Route EP